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    We love to help brands to become more successful.

    What is Scooblr?

    Scooblr owns the websites,,,, and is the #1 multichannel businessplatform for crowdsourced marketing, branding, networking, recruiting and funding.

    We unite the forces of startups, coaches, investors and innovative corporations to fuel entrepreneurial success. We promote and stimulate entrepreneurship.

    We connect passionate brands, entrepreneurs, start-ups and professionals from around the globe with customers, colleagues and investors seeking quality and affordable business services. We help the B2B and B2C-companies.

    Scooblr helps users to promote and market their business and to search for business related information or individual people. If you’re looking for an expert or brand, Scooblr could help. Scooblr will show you details such as address, reviews, recommendations, ratings, etc. Scooblr enables to store and market your business with sophisticated marketing tools.

    Our Corebusiness

    Helping brands to efficiently market their products, to connect, interact and build relationships with people and companies by combining the power of social media with efficient and effective location-based marketing- and communication tools. We love to help brands to become more successful.


    Traditional marketing methods – email marketing, spamming, cold calling, advertising, TV, radio, print, etc. – are no longer offering the right solutions. It is time consuming, expensive and therefore aggravating. This is why nowadays consumers block these services.

    Today we live in the social media era. Customers distrust advertising. Each month, online consumers perform over 3 billion local searches on search engines, blogs, community groups and participate in fora for opinions about nearby brands, products and services before making purchase decisions. Customers trust their peers and influencers and rely more on online opinions than a brand’s own website. And last but not least, there is a proven link between online opinions, word of mouth and sales. For brands it is all about awareness, high search rankings, efficient social marketing and reputation to increase sales.

    Scooblr is the New Frontier. Our company provides a new kind of business with a strong focus on combining the power of social media with efficient location-based marketing- and communication tools.

    We enable brands and professionals to participate in communities, build trust, and ultimately help create better products, services and experiences. At the same time we help you to increase leads and to save time and money.

    Our strategies involve a blend of organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) along with social marketing that will give your business a highly respectful competitive advantage.

    What we offer….

    • Location based + Social marketing and networking

      We enable you to promote your business, find potential clients, connect with peers, help others and find solutions together. Let others know what you’re working on, what your business is, what you offer or what you’re looking for.

      You get the opportunity to do business more richly and efficiently.

    • Launch Affordable Marketing Campaigns

      Scooblr offers for every business an affordable promotion platform in a trusted business network. For almost $ 3 per day you can start, launch and broadcast your own campaign; there are no strings attached, no hidden costs, no PPC (Pay-per-Click), no CPC (Cost per click), no CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions), no surprises, no more advertising costs of more than a several thousand dollars per month(!) and you are in full control.

      Did you know that click fraud (the act of clicking on ads for the direct purpose of costing the advertiser money by using robots) is recognized as the biggest problem today in PPC marketing? According to, 60% of people surveyed by the “Search Engine Professional Organization” have stated that fraud is a problem when it comes to PPC / CPC / CPM- advertising.

    • Location based search

      Find and add great local businesses, services, products, professionals and events, in locations anywhere around the globe. Read the opinions about nearby brands, products and services.

    • Faster Interactions, Higher Volumes

      Scooblr uses social media and sophisticated marketing- and SEO-tools to run smarter and efficient marketing campaigns. We give you faster interactions and higher volumes, and at the same time you save time and money.

    • A Lead Generator

      Your website is your biggest lead-generating opportunity. Are you sufficiently capitalizing on it?

      Our sophisticated marketing- and SEO-tools may place your company high on the search rankings and enable you to generate more traffic, more leads and more sales.

    • Protecting Reputation

      The rules of the game have changed. One negative blog post or product review can spread online in a flash and change the direction of a company. Corporate reputation matters like never before and is widely recognized as contributing to company market value. Executives estimate that, on average, 60% of their firms’ market value is attributable to its reputation.

      Scooblr is the place where users can review, rate and recommend local brands, products and professionals. We enable brands to build trust, and ultimately help create better products, services and experiences.

    • Real Time Engagement

      Listen and respond to customers and partners face-to-face in real time. Connect, blog, videochat and stay informed, inspired and engaged. We have the tools to make it happen.

    For Who?

    Basically anybody from a employee, professional, social media manager to a small-business owner who is interested in marketing his business, and customers who are looking for reliable brands and products.

    It is easy to use, easy to implement, very efficient and we love to work with you.

    How does it work?

    Just sign up for a free account. Add your business with your message, pictures or videoclip. That’s it! Your business is listed and our marketing tools will spread your business and message automagically.

    At the same time you can expand your network, join the blogs, rate, recommend and review other brands or professionals. And with our video-chat you can contact with your customers or colleagues.

    We are active members of WOMMA, a global organisation dedicated to the promotion of best practice within the word of mouth marketing industry. We believe in and follow their code of ethics.