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    How do I get started?

    • Create an account by registering as a freelancer or employer. Membership is free.
    • As a freelancer you are your own boss. You don’t work for Scooblr or the client posting the job.
    • As a freelancer you may apply for a job that you like, by providing your skills, work history, etc. and by placing a bid. This service is for free.
    • As an employer you may post a new project and browse through profiles and reviews of freelancers. This service is also for free.


    How to choose the best freelancer.

    • Search for freelancers. Invite qualified individuals to apply for your job or project. Look for high ratings, positive client reviews, work history and experience.
    • Ask applicants to submit their resumes, work history, education, recommendations, portfolios and skills.
    • Contact your candidate(s) for an interview via live chat or video call to confirm they’re a good fit.
    • Ask them to do a short “test-drive”. Make the hire if you’re happy with the quality, speed of work, and communication!
    • Set expectations, milestones, ground rules and (non-disclosure) agreements.


    How do I pay a freelancer?

    The employer has the choice to pay the freelancer per hour or per project. The freelancer receives the payment once the completed project is approved by the employer. Scooblr receives 8% of each payment.

    For example, for a $200 project the freelancer receives $184 and Scooblr receives $16.


    Escrow Protection

    We provide escrow services to ensure that you only pay for work that you approve.


    How to apply for a job as a freelancer.

    When you see a job you like, you will see the “Apply” -button in the details page of the job. Hit this button and fill out the proposal form. Provide as much detail as possible. Describe your work history, skills and how much you’ll charge. When you submit the form, the client reviews your proposal and contacts you with further details.