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    How much does it cost?
    It’s free to join, post jobs, view projects and apply for work on Scooblr.

    As a freelancer you always get paid for the hours you work. You receive your payment once the completed project is approved by the employer. We take a 7.5% fee from your freelancer’s bid.

    No additional charges.
    As an employer you can choose to “Feature” your job for $25 for maximum exposure.

    Scooblr-PayPal Escrow.
    We use PayPal Escrow service for a secured transaction between Client and Freelancer.

    The Client sends the money to Scooblr-PayPal Escrow. We release it after the two parties agree on a completed service. If the service is completed, the money held in Scooblr-PayPal Escrow will automatically be transferred to the Freelancer. Otherwise, if the service fails, the Client will be automatically refunded.